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With a hangover cloud over me on a not-so glorious Sunday Morning, I arise to a text from Chocy Bird…. Terracotta solders it says… I’m thi...

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With a hangover cloud over me on a not-so glorious Sunday Morning, I arise to a text from Chocy Bird…. Terracotta solders it says… I’m thinking to myself “yukkkkkk no thanks, blaahhhhhh”. Anyways I give her a call and she explains what they are, and I remembered hearing something about them (see my lack of knowledge lets me down here). Off I got on the stylish *rolls eyes* Manly Ferry to the CBD, now chocy bird is not so boat friendly, and when we get to the heads she makes this god awful noise, not a nice noise, more like a duck on crack!?!?! Haha!! Anyways, so we get to Hyde Park and go to the Art Gallery of NSW, now I’m not one for “art” but this was no ordinary Exhibition. We role up to the Gallery thinking “How much does it cost?” “Where do we go” and then loads of kids in paper armor, quite funny to be fair, a bit like something out of the a movie.

Now the art gallery was beautiful! The entrance and the doors were like something of a big stately home, the floors sparkling, so clean in fact you could see your reflection, then around where big, small, long and wide pictures hanging all over place…. just stunning! We go toward this very swish looking lady, directing us with one hand and saying “ This way for _____” there we are thinking that was easy…. Pffffffffffffffffft pffffft and pfffft was it heck!!.... we are greeted with a lovely queue, about half a length of a train and we keeps going and going to the top! And right by where we stood a sign reading “15 minutes wait from this point” and then we hear some snotty nosed bint say with disgust “oo look daahhhling we don’t need to queue there because I’ve got us tickets hahahaha” grrr, Imaging a voice so squeaky, well spoken and annoying, yup that’s it you’ve got it there. So we get to the ticket desk, pay our $20 to get in, which I think is very reasonable.
Terracotta Solders - NSW Art Gallery

We start looking round it and this discovery is something else. There is roof tiles that put our roof tiles to shame, amazing intricate details!. There was then earrings so small yet so well crafted that it puts jewelry makers today to shame!! We then carry on through and look at these carved Chinese scrolls that I wish I could read just to see what they say… we then walk into this room, now imaging a room black, then in the middle stand, in a row, 5 figures and 2 horses all facing the same way and at the back is 1 kneeling figures, the only light was the light shining on these figures. It was silent, the only noise you can hear are kids running around and walking, these figures gave off an enormous amount or eeriness and wonder, just absolutely spectacular… if you are in Sydney or live in or around Sydney you MUST MUST go and see them!... The art Gallery of NSW Art Gallery Road Sydney.

So after such a cultured morning/early arvo we heading back to Manly to meet my partner, Micheal, at a lil cutsey bar call 4 pines!.. this pub is so cute and relaxing, so relaxing that before I knew it I was a little wheyyyy!! Ha ha!! but anyway!... this bar is nice and cosy, and because it was a Sunday they have live acoustic music, which added to the already relaxed atmosphere! I then noticed at one end of the bar it has distiller tanks, and wondered by this was, when I had asked and also looked around, the pub actually makes its own beer!!... so its a brewery at the back and a bar at the front selling its own brew of beer called "4 pines" they all have different BIU (the higher the number the more bitter it is) and I think there is 5 types of beer. You can get normal drinks in there two, but the experience of this acustic music + bar brewed beer + and option roast dinner (yes brits I said ROAST dinner) = a relaxed evening with friends and good laughs!... The food they do here ranges from fish, steak, burgers to obviosuly a roast! If you havent been go!!...

Art Gallery of NSW info

Open daily 10am-5pm Wed until 9pm

4 Pines - Manly

The Venue

29/43-45 East Esplanade Manly
NSW 2095

T (02) 9976 2300
F (02) 9976 2400

Wholesale - The Beer (at your local)

Call Richard

T 0450 202 337
F (02) 9976 2400

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